What is RIFE?

I was on a mission to find some technology that linked the things I have seen in the blood and being able to change them and or exterminate them on a much quicker basis when I came about the Rife technology. Consequently I have gathered excerpts and information from various Internet articles.
Where technology didn’t exist, Dr. Royal Raymond invented it, such as the first microdissectors, micromanipulators, and heterodyning ultraviolet microscopes. Dr. Rife won 14 government awards for scientific discoveries, and a medical degree (hon.) from the University of Heidelberg.

Millionaires like Henry Timken (owner of Timken Bearings) financed Dr. Rife’s work.

By exposing disease organisms to destructive resonance derived from their own unique pattern of oscillation, Dr. Rife discovered he could destroy them by the millions in seconds. Every biochemical compound oscillates at its own distinct frequency pattern. Every living thing has its own unique coordinative resonant frequency, and this pattern is unlike any other species or organism. After decades of research, Dr. Rife isolated the patterns, modified them and used them to kill the microbes that produced them! Just as the resonant frequency which shatters a wine glass can only shatter that type of glass, so Dr. Rife’s frequencies destroy only disease organisms with the exact same pattern of oscillation. Biophysicists have proved that there’s a natural interaction between living matter and photons of light, which is measurable at the cellular level. Their research has also proven that such living systems are also extremely sensitive to extra low energy electromagnetic waves. In other words, each kind of microorganism reacts to a particular resonant frequency. What Dr. Rife did was to ‘tune’ the light into the frequency of the organism, which caused the cell to resonate. In effect, this caused the organism to “illuminate itself”.  Then with his new microscope Dr. Rife was able to observe living viruses and determine that bacteria could change into viruses and that viruses could actually change form! ( Dr. Rife became the first human being to actually see a living virus in its natural color).

A controversy had raged about this theory for over 100 years and Dr. Rife’s “proof” is what brought even greater controversy. After all, it violated the strongest medical dogma – that of the germ theory of disease. By the late 1950’s even independent doctors and labs, unaware of Dr. Rife’s work, were bringing forth their own proof that cancer was an infectious disease caused by a bacteria that changed into a virus, and maintained that “cancer does not consist of a localized tumor alone”. They described it as a generalized disease caused by an organism in the blood stream.

Many doctors are beginning to accept that cancer could initially be caused by a bacteria, which evolves into a virus and which then changes its shape and metabolism to conform to whatever it is ‘feeding’ on. Dr. Rife and the Doctors that worked with him proved this to be true. Their next step was to extrapolate the principles of the new microscope and find those frequencies which not only illuminated the virus specimens but which could also destroy them. Over time, Dr. Rife discovered a process of selective destruction of bacteria using resonant frequency, called RIFE.
Based on these discoveries, Dr. Rife, and his associates designed a ray tube frequency generator that irradiated a patient with selected frequencies designed to kill the bacteria and viruses, which were causing cancer and other diseases.

In 1934 Dr. Milbank Johnson arranged for the University of Southern California to sponsor a Special Medical Research team to evaluate the electronic therapy of Dr. Rife’s on the terminally ill. An initial success rate of 87.5% was recorded (14 out of 16 patients). After the clinic closed, Dr. Rife developed some improvements on the treatments and the other two patients then fully recovered also. Every cancer patient, all 16 in the study, had recovered without side effects of any kind in the 130 days since the beginning of the clinic.

Dr. Rife discovered a way to destroy deadly disease-causing organisms. His treatments were based upon a mechanical application of resonant frequency to the body. The medical team had treated their first patients with the resonant frequencies for 3 minutes every day, but soon learned that if the treatment were given daily the toxins from the dead microorganisms accumulated faster than the body could dispose of them. They switched to a treatment of 3 minutes every third day and the patients began healing quickly. Dr. Rife’s discoveries took the burden of healing off the body and left only the task of removing the dead organisms from the patient’s system. Cleansing the body with herbs, minerals and homeopathy has hastened the elimination process when combined with colon cleansing and the Rife Technology. Furthermore, by combing the Rife frequencies and essential oil frequencies, improvement in disease is seen very quickly.

The gifted scientist Royal Raymond Rife truly had discovered a way to devitalize deadly disease. Rife’s treatments were based upon a mechanical application of frequency to the body.

What happened to this great discovery? According to Barry Lynes in his book “The Cancer Cure That Worked”, it was surpressed by the FDA and AMA in the USA of the time (and still is).

In Europe, there are an ever increasing number of professional doctors and clinics that have been openly using the Rife methods to help their patients for several years now. This allows the Rife method to slowly gain a more professional name for it as more and more people are helped as part of a professional treatment program complimenting traditional medicine.

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