November 7, 2014

5 star out of 5 star Janet has helped my entire family & my work team with all types of guidance, nutrition, blood exams etc. We are all appreciate her knowledge & compassion so much!!

-Jan Cerato


November 4, 2014

After a summer of hiking my knees were starting to sting inside the kneecaps. After only a couple of RIFE treatments I have not had any pain. Definitely recommend for a natural and quick recovery from joint and muscle injuries, as well for any other holistic medical treatments.

Michael Sturgeon


May 28, 2013

For several years, I had dizziness, fatigue and digestive problems. I think the main cause was the candida albicans (yeast infections). Since my first treatment with Janet Rowe, I could walk for the first time without having dizziness; after 3 months I was yeast free. That was wonderful as an artist to be able to paint for hours standing up, without these symptoms. That was a blessing in the sky. For many years now, I benefited from her precious health advices and each time, huge improvement happened.
I go back every year and I am always glad I did. As we get older, we get lazy and don’t eat properly. Each time the blood test reveals our weakness and strength.
Improvement in all aspects of my life is important for me and I can maintain a healthy and happy life from her work.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
An advice of Janet per day, keeps the doctor away too!

Thank you Janet,
Sincerely, Réal Fournier

One year ago I found that I was beginning to get arthritis in my hands and I could not believe how quickly the disease was progressing. In a matter of weeks I went from a normal lifestyle to one of stiffness and pain both day and night. The simple everyday chores were becoming impossible for me; opening jars, turning on water taps, driving, getting groceries, the list is endless. A trip to my M.D. resulted in a strong pain killer and the news that” you will just have to learn to live with it.” By January the disease had progressed to my knees and feet. A friend had told me about Janet at Health and Natural Lifestyles and the good results she had so I made an appointment. The first thing Janet did was to take a blood sample and then explained to me what my problems were and then assured me that she could help. I was pleased with the way Janet treated me with compassion, kindness and in a professional manner. Within days the pain was gone and by the end of the month I was 99.9% better, I was getting my life back. I am so grateful for the friend that guided me in the right direction and even more grateful to Janet for her knowledge. This fall my hands are back to normal, I have energy and feel great all thanks to Janet.


-Gail Parker Oct 18, 2012



September 28, 2012
Dear Janet,
I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for me. Your healing methods have transformed me from a very sick person to a whole new human being. The transformation in the last 15 months has been nothing short of miraculous. When I first came to seek your help, I was very sick individual (Thyroid disorder, adrenal gland exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression etc) and also very fearful of the future.


Thanks to you, I went from barely being able to crawl out of bed at 10:00AM and painfully dragging myself through the day to now literally jumping out of bed at 6:30am and having boundless energy all day long. Not bad for a 41 year old guy. Also, I now have a whole different perspective on life and I know that I can handle whatever it throws at me. I feel and look so much younger and look forward to each day with joy and happiness. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is ill.

David Camporotondo



“When we went to you in the middle of October of this year, Bill could hardly walk for the pain in his hips and legs. When we were golfing, he would have to keep stopping to let the cramps subside. He can now do 27 holes with no trouble! Once again, you have aced our health concerns. You are brilliant. Thanks!”

– Hugs from C. Wonnacott and B. King


“Yesterday my friends told me my eyes were brighter than they had seen in years. It was true… I have transformed. Let me explain. In October of 2006, I had two children under the age of 3 and was going through the pain of a stressful move and a new job. I hardly saw my friends and was always tired. But that isn’t what led to my transformation…..still that wasn’t enough.
Starting in October 2006, I became sick repeatedly. I caught every bug there was, including some I thought there weren’t! I wasn’t back on my feet for more than a week, when I would catch something else. Colds, stomach flus and infections just kept coming. I had a friend who told me about Janet at Health and Natural Lifestyles. ‘Well, how could I fit THAT in?’ I dismissed it several times and continued down my path of sickness.
I traveled on business with pink eye and a cold. Every moment I was awake I wanted to be sleeping. I could never feel rested enough. And still, my friend suggested Janet at Health and Natural Lifestyles. “Well, how could I fit THAT in?” In May of 2007, after being ill on and off for 7 months I got shingles,… How could I keep missing work? I went to the DR. He showed me pictures of people with much worse shingles. He said someone with small children – it was normal to get sick 2-3 times per month. “They catch and bring home everything” That I could expect this lifestyle for at least another year until my immune system got used to being exposed to so many viruses. I didn’t know what to say. I might have to quit my job. How could I continue to live like this?
I sat with my friends at lunch telling them about my shingles and latest DR visit as I could feel another sore throat coming. “You are going to go and see Janet at Health and Natural Lifestyes!!!!” My friend was firm. But I was afraid to make the change in habits. How could I stop eating sugar? Yeast? Wheat? Dairy? How could I possibly stick to a diet like this? My other friend said it’s summer – so much easier to grill chicken and veggies – “Why don’t you just TRY it?” Within a week of that conversation I went to see Janet at Health and Natural Lifestyles and started my journey.
I had just finished my first week of the feared diet and supplements Janet individually determined for me, and I was at the swimming pool with my kids. I turned to my husband and said. “I feel different. I feel more present. I feel like I am really here.” That began my journey….from June 1 2007 – present I can say I have been sick to the point of needing to stay in bed ZERO times. ZERO. My entire family caught the stomach flu. I did not. My entire family has had chest colds, pink eye. I had one scrape with a sore throat after having beers in Mexico. It lasted 2 days and didn’t stop me for a minute. I enjoy shopping, being with my friends, reconnecting with my kids and husband, going out, …….enjoying life.
Friends have said to me, I never realized how gorgeous you are… Do you think I look that much different? Or just that much healthier and happier?
If there is some excuse preventing you from going to see Janet at Health and Natural Lifestyles, it is the same excuse preventing you from seizing life. It is the barrier… You just don’t realize it yet. Why don’t you just TRY it?”
– A. Wade

“Thank you for the information regarding the cleanse for the liver. May I take this time to recommend Janet Rowe at Health and Natural Lifestyles, 524-42 Ave SE, phone number 403 212 6077 to you and to our circle. She also has a web site www.healty-option.com. She has done incredible things for both Brad and me. She assesses each individual body’s needs and although modest (Janet) has helped many people correct their health problems and live a more balanced and healthy life.


I know that you are versed in product but unfortunately many people do not know that many OTC products are either not pure or more harmful to our bodies than good. Too much media hype, I guess. I personally, am not a fan of self dosing as I have seen too many good intentions go awry. One lady I know actually gave herself kidney stones with OTC calcium because she had read that women need more calcium…guess the article didn’t give the rest of the info about balancing it with other vitamins and minerals at time of ingestion and when and how to take it properly.”

– Much love and respect, D. Majcan

“Yes, I feel wonderful…plus I just had my massage tonight, so that made things even better. I lost 9.2 lbs my first week and I am sure it will be at least 3 this week. I am feeling great.”

– Barb

“Five years ago I entered the doors of Health and Natural Lifestyles Inc. I was nervous and very unsure of what Janet could do for me. Previously, four doctors had told me just to live with my condition even through I would require a stoma within the next two years. This is a harsh reality for someone who is only 41 years old. I was so tired, I barely made it through my workday. I could not have a bowel movement unassisted, and anyone who has this problem understands how it can effect your whole body. After trying a few different medicine we were able to fine the right combination that let me had a bowel movement naturally. Soon many of the side effects of my condition evaporated and my new doctor was able to diagnose that I required a hysteritomy. Three month after my operation, I was able to have a bowel movement on my own. Thanks to Janet for enabling my body to cleanse itself and heal, which allowed the doctor to focus on the real issue.”

– Denise Robson



“I decide to give Janet a try after she had helped to heal my wife. I was very resistant, however I was desperate to improve my health. I felt faint all the time, I hardly made it through the workday, and I never felt like going anywhere or doing anything. Compared to a year ago where everyone use to say I had “ants in my pants” because I was so energetic

I had seen two doctors who both agreed I had chronic fatigue and gave me sleeping pills to help me rest. After a few months I still didn’t feel any better, so I thought I’d give Janet a try. I had nothing to lose except my illness!

It took about four months to find the right combination of medicines, however, it is just about a year late and I feel like myself again. Thanks Janet!”
– D. Robson



“Dear Janet, I haven’t contacted you before now because I still haven’t taken all of my medicine. I am still working on the Essigen and dandelion. I have to admit that I am feeling so good now that I forget to take it regularly. I will be coming back to see you soon however, as another good check up is necessary. I have to tell you that my husband and Allison were quite impressed. My husband has always thought that he was the healthiest person, to think that he had parasites was a bit to much for him to get his head around. I told him that he probably got them from me! HA Allison is quite determined to get healthy. She has had a few difficulties all her life so she is looking forward to getting them under control.
I have to tell you that Rigo is doing great! Like me he feels so good that he doesn’t want to come back to see you. He lost 18 pounds and says that he feels young again. His cough is completely gone and I know that he took all the medicines that you gave him but the yeast correction diet was not adhered to exactly. He did eat a lot of vegetable soup though and that is a switch from the meat and potatoes diet of before.
I would like to know if you can help another friends of mine? She has arthritis very bad. Her hands are quite deformed and I know that she is in a lot of pain. I only really met her the other day I had to go to her house with sample fabrics for a job and found out that she is my great aunts friend and has known her for 40 years. I think Adelle would be close to 70 but I am going to tell her that there is help for her condition. Please let me know. I watched a man who was strong a healthy looking get all crippled up and in six months he couldn’t even write a check or use his hands. I wrote out his check, put his cushions in the car and even had to open the doors for him he had such crippled hands. Can this be stopped? Adelle was a seamstress. All her life her hands were busy and useful, now it is such a difficult thing for her to even turn the pages in a book.
Thank you so much for helping me feel better again. I had a period and it lasted five days. It was a huge relief to be normal again. I am due to have another soon. So we’ll see! I will be in soon to see you. I’m actually thinking that in mid July I will have time and will be finished with all my stuff. I will be thankful forever that I met you and that you were able to help me. Bleeding like I was doing is pretty scarry stuff. There were days that I thought it was going to kill me. Thank you for the your help.”

– Sincerely, D. Golany



“Janet was referred to me by a friend who was suffering from a variety of problems including allergies and who was completely cured within 2 months. I figured that at the age of 51 and having led a fairly unhealthy life style, it was time to find out where my health stood even though it was a scary thought. Other than knowing that a detox and colon cleanse were absolutely necessary, another reason I finally decided to have a blood analysis done was because my energy levels had been low for some time now and getting through the day was becoming a chore. As it turned out, I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome which also accounted for my “brain fog”, anxiety, mood swings and a swollen lymph gland.

Other problems were liver stress, thyroid not functioning properly, yeast overgrowth, parasites, electrolyte imbalance of juices, plaque, a mycoplasma infection, cyst on ovary plus a lack of digestive enzymes, minerals, calcium, iron and vitamin B-complex.
Within 2 days after starting treatment, my heart palpitations had disappeared and within 6 weeks I had lost 15 pounds due to the bentonite clay/pysillium husk detox which wasn’t that bad after all!

Today, 6 months later, I feel like a whole new person. I’m almost as good as new and knowing exactly what was wrong with me has taken a huge load off my shoulders and given me a peace of mind which makes all the difference in the world. A heart-felt thank-you for everything.”

– M. Lugthart, Calgary AB



“Dear Janet, thank you so much for your great support and the excellent care you have given me. I hope you can put up with me, I know I have a long battle ahead of me and I hope I can keep up with it all. I will give it my best.”

– J. Jwaszko



“I can’t thank you enough for your help. I’m so determined to get better. I know it’s a process and I’m starting to feel a difference. I have friends online that are so interested in live blood and are amazed at what you see on your slides!!”

– Thanks again, Cindy



“Here I am, a 78 year old Great Granny, and one of the best things I have ever done in my life was going to the Health and Natural Lifestyles clinic. The program Janet Rowe chose specifically for me has give me a new lease on life! I am now full of energy and able to cope with my physical conditions and my emotional outlook. All I can say is that I am very happy I decided to go see Janet and would recommend her to anyone.”

– Jesse G.