Therapeutic Supplements

Therapeutic Vitamins, Minerals and Homeopathics

All of the products that we carry at our clinic have been tested, and lab analysis is available from our manufacturers. The products are tested for quality, pureness, and quantities of ingredients, and value or interaction of the ingredients.  A lot of the products we sell have NPC or DIN numbers for claiming on our benefit plans. Most of the products are therapeutic which means they are available from a practitioner and not available in health food stores. This is due to the strength of the products, and that the person selling them must meet the education or qualifications to be able to suggest them, and carry them in their clinic. This is because the potencies are strong and must be used based on the health, weight, and condition of the patient providing individualized medicine. Why not get the purest, most productive products for you dollar, taking less to get more. We also have introduced a monthly mail out so you don’t even have to leave home to get your monthly products.

I personally have spent many years doing product research and testing of products and the effect on the blood analysis, so I know what fixes what condition seen in the Blood Analysis so we have proof of what is working for repairing your body and blood. This also allows us to be more defined in your health regimen, as the blood tells us what your body is deficient in and what needs to be healed. Purely individualized medicine for you!Seroyal_Brands Full-Circle-vitazan JPEG






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