Live Sample…

Sample #1:

Normal Live Blood magnified 28000 times reveals that in a healthy individual, the cells have good oxygen in the center, a bright nutrient ring around the oxygen and a strong cytoplast around the exterior. Notice how all the have good color. Red blood cells should be free-floating for the body to be at its healthiest.


Sample #2:

Type of spore bacteria seen in the blood, can cause chronic nasal congestion.




Sample #3:

Platelet aggregation caused from fungus, candida and parasites.




Sample #4:

Liver Stress, fungus, bacteria, and rouleau of the blood cells.





Sample #5:

Mycoplasma infection.

Mycoplasma is a single cell bacterium that tends to make sore, achy muscles, pneumonia, arthritis, and lupus type symptoms.

60 days of super strong antioxidants inclusive of Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Zinc, Grape Seed Extract, Sea Kelp, combined with amino acids I-Cysteine, I-Glutathione.

Sample #5A:

Target Cells, Acanthocytes, etc., are anomalies we look for. We have been able to link these to nutritional deficiencies, and disease symptoms.




Sample #6:

Parasites & #150:

Yes, everybody may have some, but when the immune system gets weak, parasites can grow at a rapid pace, and drink your blood, nutrients, etc., and cause symptoms such as Sinus Headaches, Phlegm in the throat, Mucous discharge, Vaginitis, Prostate Inflammation, Skin Rashes, Poor Bowel, Infertility, Gas, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings, Manic Depression, Attention Deficit, Alopacia (hair loss) Skin Ulcers.

Parasites are killed through taking a combination of herbs through two full moon cycles.

Sample #7:

White Blood Cells & #150:

Lymphocytes, Phagocytes.

Are your White Blood cells healthy and active to do their job? Each type of white blood cell has a duty within your body such as B cells, producing antibodies.

If there is the wrong amount of cells, or the wrong kinds, we can stimulate the right kinds, with vitamins and herbs and other antioxidant properties.

Sample #8:

Cholesterol & #150:

Did you know that cholesterol in the blood is not necessarily caused from what you eat?

Cholesterol can also be caused from pancreatic deficiency, large intestine dysfunction, calcium/ phosphorus imbalance, malabsorption, liver disease, and liver dysfunction.

Good fat gets rid of bad fat. Good fats come from flax oil, hemp oil, salmon oil, borage oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil. Chemistry changes when fat is heated so, for it to remain a good fat the temperature must remain low or use grapeseed oil for cooking.

Sample #9:

Uric Acid & #150:

What causes uric acid, how do we get it? what symptoms does it cause? Uric acid is a known waste product of animal metabolism. Large red meat consumers can have uric acid, and eventually kidney stones or gout from this.  Digestive enzymes for breaking down protein and the type of absorbable calcium should be used instead of calcium from oyster shells, etc.


Sample #10:

Fungus and Yeast (Candida):

Candida Albican’s is a type of parasitic yeastlike fungus that inhibits the intestines, genital tract, mouth, esophagus, and throat, weakening the immune system. The fungus can travel through the blood stream to many parts of the body.

Did you know that you can have a yeast overgrowth and infection without a vaginal discharge? Symptoms include: constipation, diarrhea, colitis, abdominal pain, headaches, bad breath, rectal itching, impotence, memory loss, mood swings, prostatis, canker sores, persistent heartburn, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, congestion, nagging cough, numbness in the face or extremities, tingling sensations, acne, night sweats, severe itching, clogged sinuses, PMS, burning tongue, white spots on the tongue and in the mouth, extreme fatigue, vaginitus, kidney and bladder infections, vaginitis, arthritis, depression, hyperactivity, hyperthyroidism, adrenal problems, and even diabetes. Yeast can restrict your heart from pumping normally, can cause skin rashes, etc., which is hard for the Medical doctors to detect, inhibiting the treatment. Diet/Nutrition can make a huge difference here. Find out today if you have a yeast condition through the Blood Analysis above.

Sample #11& #12:

What is wrong with these white blood cells? Are those white dots supposed to be there?

What are they caused from and does this inhibit my immune system??









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