Dried Sample…

Through the oxidation of the blood cells and the toxins present in the blood, we are able to see characteristic patterning of an alternative pathway other than the extrinsic or intrinsic pathways. This allows us to identify what parts of the body are holding toxins and therefore not functioning properly.


Sample #13:

Normal dried blood lacking some iron,
vitamin B12 and Folic Acid




Sample #14 and #14A:

Psychological Stress

What causes this? What stress is necessary? What nutrients are missing?








Sample #15: 

Thyroid Imbalance
Metabolism is controlled by this important hormonal gland.
Do your tests show a normal range?
Are they normal for your body?



Sample #16:

Changes the oxidation process, changing
the fibrin netting.




Sample #17 & #17A: 

Chronic Fatigue
What makes this disease show up in the blood? What organs function improperly when this is present?

What nutritional deficiencies are present?









Sample #18:

Toxic Digestive Process
Shows mucoid matter attached to intestines. Limiting digestion and absorption. Cleansing the body of these toxins can eliminate health problems.



Sample #19:

Viral activity
Free radicals can cause many ailments inclusive of arthritis, cancer, etc.




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